cazare piatra neamt
cazare piatra neamt
cazare piatra neamt
cazare piatra neamt
Cetati- Byblos ***

Tourist attractions :

cazare Piatra Neamt ieftina

  • The Royal Court and Church
    Adress: Piatra Neamt, Piata Libertatii
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    The church from “Curtea Domneasca” Complex, with the patron of St. Joan, was built by Stefan the Great between 1468 and 1475. Together with the bell-tower it forms an architectural complex that can be seen in the center of the town Piatra Neamt, in the Liberty Market.
  • Right near”Curtea Domneasca” Complex we can see the church St. Ioan Botezatorul, which was built between 1497 and 1498. The building was made in the traditional architectural way of that time and it is considered a true piece of art and a great achievement. At the exterior of the church we can admire the contrast between the gray walls and the vivid colors of the bricks and glazed discs that are overlapping in a special symmetry.

    The church hosts an impressive collection of heritage objects, that represents important religious values like: crystal chandeliers from Boemia (1837), the Icon of the Lord Blessing the Holy Grail, the Icon of Joan the Baptist, a silver cross from the XIX century and a series of old books. The recent archeological excavations revealed a series of graves, religious objects and ornaments that stand as a proof of the importance of this place during the time of Stefan the Great.

    Together with the church St Joan, in 1499 the bell-tower was built. The tower has a height of 19 and it’s made out of stone. It was used as a watch tower because of its location that permitted a clear view of the entire valley. The fortress near the bell-tower was built in the modern era.

  • Batca Doamnei Stronghold (Petrodava)
    The Batca Doamnei Fortress from Piatra Neamt is located at approximately 4 km south-west from the city Piatra Neamt, on the top of the hill called Batca Doamnei.
  • The architectural complex belongs to the eneolithic era (Cucucteni A), the bronze era (Monteoru culture), a fortress of the Daci between the Ist century before Christ and the Ist century after Christ and a feudal settlement in the XII century.
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